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Shining a light on the power of immigrants.

The United States has long been a haven for the creative. Every year, thousands of artists come here from all corners of the globe to test their mettle and see if they can achieve their dreams in a new and unfamiliar land. Some are searching for new experiences, others opportunities, and some still are seeking the challenge of starting a whole new life.


But what is it about the United States, out of all the countries in the world, that keeps drawing people in? At Bright Side, we believe there is power in diversity. The brightest lights are made up of every color, and just like that our society shines that much brighter when people from every walk of life are included. Now more than ever, it is imperative that we appreciate the contributions that each culture has to offer and recognize the tremendous things we can achieve when working together.


Bright Side aims to foster that spirit of unity by taking a closer look at the stories of creatives who have immigrated to the United States in pursuit of their dreams, overcoming any and all obstacles in order to enrich our society.


Together, we can all learn to look on the Bright Side.

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The website is not meant for legal advice or services — we simply want to inspire a community where legal immigrants can connect.

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