Love Letters to the US
A Bright Side project with Pilar Torcal



Love Letters to the US

When we first started Bright Side over a year ago, we simply wanted to highlight stories of immigrant artists who were making a difference in America. However, as we interviewed more and more of these beautiful, radiant, kick-ass creatives, we discovered that many of them have had to overcome the same kinds of challenges. We realized that most people only saw the success of these superstars, without understanding the trials they went through to get to where they are. We wanted to give U.S. citizens a glimpse into what it truly means to be an immigrant these days, but in a brief and eye-catching way.


That’s why we teamed up with Pilar Torcal, a stellar Brooklyn-based illustrator from Barcelona, to produce a set of cards, each one telling a different side of the immigrant experience.


We decided to call the project “From immigrants,” because think of each one as its own love letter to the people of the United States, from immigrants. ♥︎



A Big, Fat, Beautiful Wall

As a part of our "From Immigrants" campaign, we would like to build a wall with our most loved illustrations, in cities with large immigrant populations such as Miami, Los Angles, Chicago, and NYC. 
Let us know if you know an available mural in your city!
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The website is not meant for legal advice or services — we simply want to inspire a community where legal immigrants can connect.

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Fact #24: Loss of Idendity

"People always talk about how we need to assimilate in our new home. I get that I have to respect the rules and values of a new place, but I still care about my own roots. I have new perspectives and ideas to offer precisely because I am from somewhere else, so why would I want to lose what makes me unique?”